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Handpainted Original Wearable Works of Art

Read more about my beautiful Dancing on Silk exlusive silk scarves.

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How to Make Worship Flags

Make a worship flag that spins freely on its pole! Go fabric shopping with the Holy Spirit and make a flag. How to make worship flags.

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An array of beautiful fabrics waiting to be sewn into flags.

Check out our indestructible flag case for airline travel and make your own.

Tired of Trying to Measure Up?

Does being loved and accepted by God - just like you are right now - sound too good to be true? Totally out of your reach? Like something reserved for someone else who deserves it more?

Grow in the simplicity of a relaxed, heart-based relationship with God through Jesus. Join me at The Highly Sensitive Christian blog, the conceptual heart of the Dawdler's Studio.

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Graphic of the word "Dawdle"

Do You Love a Dawdler?
Are you a Dawdler?

Would you like to see dawdlers from God's point of view? You might be surprised!

Listen to The Dawdle Song and read about being a dawdler.
Access the lyrics and chords here.

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